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[GET] Arsyn Keyword Scraper - Generate Thousands of Keywords by Scraping Google Sugge
Hey guys this is a Google suggest scraper I coded for myself, then decided to share the wealth.

Arsyn Keyword Scraper is a fast, free, multi-threaded tool to help you generate HUGE lists of untapped keywords. Arsyn Keyword Scraper quickly scrapes Google suggestions, Youtube suggestions, Google images suggestions, Google News suggestions, Google Shopping suggestions, and Google Recipes suggestions.

Official Download:

SHA256: 5bbf129127d541adad87232d7f87790c595220a7047d9262e8  75ff58eb1a2099
File name: ArsynKeywordScraperInstall.exe
Detection ratio: 2 / 48
Analysis date: 2013-09-20 04:05:56 UTC ( 0 minutes ago )
This particular file is throwing 2 false positives on virus total. If you feel uncomfortable with this please feel free to run in VM ware or sandboxie, I assure you my programs are always clean though

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