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Which Mobile you have
I have iphone 6 pls post a picture of your mobile right now Cool
Check mine
I'm still repping my blackberry from 2 years ago. I really can't be arsed to get a new phone and add all the numbers I have into a new phone then text everyone telling them when my phone works perfectly alright. Yeah, look at me the cool kid with all the contacts Wink
Currently I am using HTC, hopefully will buy Iphone 6 soon.

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For phone I use iphone 5 .

And for gaming etc - iPad Air 2.

I'm trying to switch to i6 but everyeone here says " NO "
I use the phone ENIGMA, it is impossible to listen)
Totally Secure Voice Encryption
Purpose built for security. The Only Solution able to offer ALL these in one integrated handheld.

Impossible to listen?

How do you suppose to make calls when you can't listen?
Read about this phone and you will understand.
All you guys have high end devices.
But mine is a shitty samsung m style. Willing to buy a good one after make some money.
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I have infocus M 810 model which is Android version.

I am thinking to buy this phone it looks awesome Thanks for sharing Willam

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