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Starting my Journey !!
Everyone I have started my journey in CPA from 20 Mar 2015 .

#1          The first week went to get to know what is CPA Smile
#2           Second week i have make one website which promote fake software (games)
#3           I search for mentors and friends, but no one was willing to help me out
#4           I make video with camtasia and try to rank it on google. (failed)
#5           I study again and fortunately find good forum, from there i got to know how to rank video.
#6           I rank my video and my site link ( fake software link) on google first page.
#7           I added my own twist and my 5 links were there on the main page ( Yes 5 out or 9 link)
#8           I got to know what it CPA is altogether !!
#9           Heavy traffic started coming from the keywords i have ranked
#10         I have only 4 product to promote and I am getting 120 clicks with conversion of 4 to 5.
#11         But all are in penny. Sad (Don't know how to optimize my clicks)
#12         Now Joining this forum i got some good landing page which i will make for my future game cheats
#13         My earning is 2$ to 2.5$ daily ( and with help of all you friends i want to make it to 100$)
#14         This is a honest journey of mine in the field of CPA.

#15 Got my First Ban on Youtube . I have made AgeofwarringEmpire Cheat video (it have only 2 views) But someone flagged it and i got that video ban.
#16 First real setback while promoting Youtube video.
This is my earning report of bingads and maxbounty

We will try together to earn $ 100 a day !!!
wow 100$/day? i do not believe
scale it up mate. hopefully you'll success!
Good Luck with your Journey
Good luck with your journey mate, update the thread daily to keep us interested.
How much did you invest on Bing ads?
hi friends,

i was away quite for some time , testing some campaign and making them profitable,

This is my favorite forum so i return back.

I become super affiliate in two networks and earning like 1k dailly from them and 1k from google ad sense. Here is my screen shot

thanks guys i love you all.
Good Luck !
How much do you invest on Bing ads?
#1 Article Writer:
#1 Bulk Accounts Seller:
Hey, any update?
[Newbie's Helpdesk] Ask Any Question Related To CPA -
Im with ya bro, anything I can learn about PPD would be awesome, theres so many awesome sites out there now...
I wish you best of luck

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